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Relentless Autosports High Performance Big Brake Kit

Now available through Relentless Autosports is a “must have” addition to any car, whether it be a fully equipped track monster, a daily driven road commander, or a head turning show car. These are the brakes for you.

With these heat treated, gas vented, 2 piece floating designed rotors, that are engineered to allow the rotors to withstand temperatures as high as 2,200 deg. F and not over react to constant heat changes, with this design they are more resistant to warping. With the 6/4 piston designed calipers with staggered pistons, the pressure is spread evenly and consistently across the brake pad and allows for a comfortable and reliable firm brake pedal feel throughout the braking range, despite the conditions. All this combined will make braking very confidence inspiring, predictable, and accurate

Relentless Autosports big brake kit features:

Brake Calipers:
  • 6 piston front calipers (with staggered piston dimensions of 36/32/28mm)
  • 4 piston rear calipers (with staggered piston dimensions of 40/36/32mm)
  • Calipers are made from 400 ton hot forged T2024 aluminum alloy
  • Calipers incorporate a high precision inner loop design
Brake Rotors:
  • All rotors are a competition inspired, precision made 2 piece floating design with floating aerospace high temperature hardware
  • The rotors hats are made of T7075 alloy and forged with 4000 tons under high temperature and are anodized for a hard corrosion resistant surface
  • Each rotor is gas vented (slotted), heat treated, and stress relieved
  • The rotors are directional, internally pillar veined for better air circulation and more efficient cooling
  • Rotors are made of FC-28 cast iron with added nickel, chromium, and other alloys for superior long lasting strength and durability (not with just cast iron or grey iron like most others)
Brake Pads:
  • There is a wide variety of friction surfaces and heat ranges of pads available through Relentless Autosports for both the front and rear calipers
(Call for specific application)

Triangulated Front Strut Tower Brace for the 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 coupe and sedan

Relentless Autosports is very proud to announce the worlds first front strut tower brace ever produced for the Infiniti G35’s version of the popular Nissan/ Infiniti front mid-ship designed series of chassis. Countless hours of engineering, design concepts, and product testing has gone into designing this one of a kind front strut tower brace that is not only practical for daily driving, but also has been proven to easily handle the rigorous track testing that our race teams and customers have put it through.

There simply is no front strut tower brace available for these cars that is near as functional at eliminating the inherent chassis and suspension deflections that these cars experience from the factory. Because of our tri-point design, the 4130 chromoly and grade 8 hardware used in constructing this brace, it all but completely eliminates front upper body and chassis flex. There simply is no better product on the market at aiding in the front mid-ship chassis’s torsional rigidity.

These RA Front Strut Tower Braces work so well by not only using the best of materials (unlike our competitors), but these braces also incorporate not only the top of the shock towers, but also the front upper control arm pivot point to help tie in the suspension together as a whole. This allows the chassis and suspension to be consistently held in place under any cornering load you may encounter and allows the front suspension to be more precise…. Resulting in a more control, more consistency, and a more confidence inspiring feeling.

RA Front Strut Towers Braces are the only ones made to work with any VQ35 plenum and plenum spacer modifications you may have as well as with stock or any aftermarket suspension set ups. There is also versions available to accommodate most any cold air intakes and any form of forced induction kits (supercharger or turbo kits) available, Including but not limited to JWT twin turbo kit, Greddy twin turbo kit, APS twin turbo kit, Vortech superchargers, Stillen superchargers, and many more.

Like all of our products. the Relentless Autosports designed front strut tower braces come with installation instructions, all necessary hardware, and carry a lifetime replacement guarantee against any defects.

Call with any questions or to order.